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I am Ashok Raja, a web developer and Solutions Architect based out of Chennai, India.

Started my software carer as a dBase and VB programmer long time back and over the period of time moved on to C# , Asp.Net ,SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies.

Today, I am dealing with JavaScript / TypeScript in all layers of application, from front-end to back-end with Angular, Node Js, Ionic and other modern JavaScript frameworks and needless to say about Nginx.

My hate (or may be fear) towards JavaScript changed gradually to passionate love when I finished my Open Source extensions for Knockout JS during 2013 for SharePoint and then on JavaScript become my primary development language.

Raspbian was my only Linux environment sometime back. But now, things have changed and I am buried deep into console of SUSE Linux as a part of my daily job. The speed at which the technology is changing, I am not sure what I would be dealing with while you visit this page next time :-)

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