CF (Cloud Foundry) buildpack for enabling Redis backed ASP.NET session

Alfus Jaganathan   |   May 22, 2019

PCF PASW natively supports SMB volume shares which .NET full framework applications can make use of. This article also explains on how .NET developer can apply code changes using Steeltoe’s wrapper API.

Alfus Jaganathan   |   March 26, 2019

This article on out-proc session explains how to use Redis with steeltoe to cache data in an Asp.Net application running in a PaaS platform

Alfus Jaganathan   |   February 15, 2019

This article on inserting records into AWS Aurora database from files in S3 bucket helps you to set up the necessary role permission required to enable upload files from S3 bucket to Aurora My SQL  …read more

Kannan Ramaswamy   |   July 13, 2018

Configuring AWS CLI settings in Linux machine is always a challenge. This step by step article explains you how to configure AWS CLI with MFA in a Linux machine.

Kannan Ramaswamy   |   June 12, 2018