CF (Cloud Foundry) buildpack for enabling Redis backed ASP.NET session

Alfus Jaganathan   |   May 22, 2019

Lambda function doesn’t provide any persistent storage mechanism to store the generated logs. Hence, we planned to stream the logs to AWS S3

Barathirajan M   |   April 16, 2019

PCF PASW natively supports SMB volume shares which .NET full framework applications can make use of. This article also explains on how .NET developer can apply code changes using Steeltoe’s wrapper API.

Alfus Jaganathan   |   March 26, 2019

Ever wonder if we can run a .NET core console application as a windows service? This read can help you understand some techniques around achieving it.

Alfus Jaganathan   |   March 23, 2019

We all know how to upload a file from client to server. In this article we are gonna see how to upload a file from one server to another server in NodeJS

Barathirajan M   |   February 28, 2019

In this article I describe on, how we can trace the logs in a distributed way across the communicating systems, using Steeltoe in a Asp.Net Core Application

Alfus Jaganathan   |   February 19, 2019

This article on out-proc session explains how to use Redis with steeltoe to cache data in an Asp.Net application running in a PaaS platform

Alfus Jaganathan   |   February 15, 2019

In my previous article, I have explained how to enable JWT based authentication in an Angular Application with OKTA. In this article, we can see how to validated the JWT Token (created with OKTA) in  …read more

Krishna KV   |   January 20, 2019

There may be instances where we may require multiple version of Node Js for different applications. For this kind of situations, Node Version Manager comes as a rescue to manage different versions of Node Js  …read more

Ashok Raja   |   November 18, 2018

The latest version of Node Js, which is available by default for SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES 12) is 6.x. This version of Node Js is part of “Web and Scripting Module” of SLES. To install  …read more

Ashok Raja   |   November 17, 2018