There may be instances where we may require multiple version of Node Js for different applications. For this kind of situations, Node Version Manager comes as a rescue to manage different versions of Node Js  …read more

Ashok Raja   |   November 18, 2018

The latest version of Node Js, which is available by default for SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES 12) is 6.x. This version of Node Js is part of “Web and Scripting Module” of SLES. To install  …read more

Ashok Raja   |   November 17, 2018

This article on SSH key based authentication for SUSE Linux explains how to create a SSH key in a windows machine and use it in a SLES or any Linux machine for authentication

Ashok Raja   |   November 16, 2018

If you are using services like Google, Gmail, youtube or other similar sites then you are being tracked by the companies who own the websites. It doesn’t matter how you access those websites. You may  …read more

Thanga Raja   |   October 13, 2018

This article on SSO Authentication with Okta helps to understand how to enable authentication in an Angular Application with Okta for an enterprise app.

Krishna KV   |   October 8, 2018

Configuring and managing firewall has changed from SUSEFirewall2 to firewalld in SLES 15. The firewalld service is accessible with app name firewall-cmd

Ashok Raja   |   October 6, 2018

Why we need scoped logging? In case of distributed systems, if you need to track logs for a particular request across the systems, it will be very challenging to find the exact logs associated with that  …read more

Alfus Jaganathan   |   August 20, 2018

If your Virtualbox guest OS doesn’t have a GUI installed, then understanding the basics of Virtualbox networking and Port Forwarding helps to easily access Guest machine’s applications from Host Machine or from any device within  …read more

Ashok Raja   |   August 6, 2018

Downloading and configuring SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is not that straight forward as Ubuntu. SLES requires registration to enable installation of packages from SUSE’s official repos. This article explains in detail on the steps related  …read more

Ashok Raja   |   July 29, 2018

Swagger is a framework that helps us to describe API endpoints in a common language that everyone can understand. Swagger spec also helps to test and validate API by providing necessary UI elements that are required to submit data to API endpoints. This article explains how to create a swagger spec docs for a TypeScript based Express Js Application.

Krishna KV   |   July 25, 2018